June Artist: Susan Tyler’s Art


This June, Voices for Children is proud to highlight the work of artist, Susan Tyler! Tyler has filled our office space with the very essence of summer. Her art evokes the feeling of having endless, sunny afternoon adventures and waking to limitless summer possibilities. There is no doubt that her paintings say a thousand words, but since pictures do not necessarily say, “Hey you, listen to all of these cool things about the person who painted me”, we thought that we would share a bit about the artist herself!

What paintings can’t tell you

Where the Art Magic Happens

Susan Tyler has been hard at work, creating and innovating, since the opening of her first art studio, Tyler Studio Galveston, back in January of 2014. Tyler’s first gallery served as a place where artists from all over the region displayed their creations. It was created in a similar fashion to the Parisian Gertrude Stein Salon of the early 1900s; A place where creative individuals (artists, writers, innovators, etc.) would meet to exchange ideas and critique art interpretations. Tyler’s studio was such a success in the region that the Galveston Art League deemed it, “A leader in the Galveston art community”. (You go girl!)

In October of 2017, Tyler chose to expand her work into new regions, opening Tyler Studio in the Woods just outside of Centerville. Tyler summarizes the spirit of the studio on her blog, writing that it is, “a perfect place to nurture and teach others to express their creative soul”. Located on forty acres of Post Oak Savannah, Tyler Studio in the Woods is the ideal environment for harnessing creativity. 

the origin of her skills

Susan Tyler has been painting since she was only eight years old. As she grew up, her interest in art grew too, and she attended Sam Houston to study the subject further. While at school, Tyler studied from empowering individuals such as Charles Pebworth, Harry Aschan, Stanly Lee, and Lois Streeter. Unfortunately, with only three hours remaining until her Bachelor’s degree was completed, Tyler was interrupted from her studies. However, attending college had only further ignited her passion for art. While out of school, she continued to pursue her dream of using color to express powerful emotions.

Drawing inspiration from both the teachings of her grandmother and professors and the use of light and color displayed in the work of impressionists and post-impressionists, Tyler continued painting while exploring the nursing field. After receiving a Master’s degree in nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston and a certification as a Gerontological Nuse Practioner, Tyler worked as a nurse for thirty-five years. Because she has formally studied art for years and has had countless emotional experiences as a nurse, Tyler has the ability to capture and vividly display strong emotions in her art.


Come Check the art Out!

(If you would like to buy pieces, that’s an option too!)

Susan Tyler art artist June spotlightSusan Tyler June spotlight art artist Voices for Children summerSusan Tyler art June Voices for Children advocate Susan Tyler artSusan Tyler with her work

Feel free to stop by and draw inspiration from Tyler’s work at any time during our working hours. You can also join us on June 21st from 7-9PM for Downtown Bryan’s ‘Art Step’ event. During the event, you can explore all of the downtown galleries late into the evening. Click the link below to learn more about ArtStep.

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