Voice of the Week: Hannah Malcomb

Hannah Malcomb: The Power-lifter/ Spirit Lifter  

Hannah Malcomb Voice of the Week

Number of years as a CASA: <1

Number of years in the community: 8

Hannah Malcomb is the embodiment of German author Jean Paul’s quote, “Age does not matter if the matter does not age.” Although she is only a recent college graduate, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in 2015 and her Master’s in 2016, Hannah already has a focus on what really matters in life, stating that “It is important to invest in the younger generations.” 

Apparently, Texas A&M “just couldn’t get rid of [her] after graduation.” She continues to remain on campus as a full-time academic advisor for Sports Management. Off the clock, Hannah enjoys hanging out with friends, family, and her cat Matilda and competitive power-lifting. Yes, you read that correctly. Power-lifting. (You go girl!)


According to Hannah, 

Skills Needed to Be a Voice for CASA:

  • Time Management- “There are a lot of aspects of your case you must keep track of on a monthly basis and if you aren’t managing your time efficiently, the month will fly by, and you might have forgotten to contact a party involved in the case.”
  • Investigative Skills– “CASAs take time to sift through giant files to find information that could be useful in advocating for the best interest of the children we are working with.”
  • Courage to Speak Up– “It seems obvious, but you have to be able to advocate. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and be able to speak up for the best interest of the child you are working with.”

The Most Rewarding Part About Being a CASA:

  • To be able to see the child you are working with grow and mature over the course of the case.
  • Preparing them for adulthood and feeling confident that they will be okay after the case closes

Advice for Anyone Considering Volunteering at VFC

“It’s an individual volunteer experience but VFC makes it feel like a family. It’s definitely a time commitment, but it’s so rewarding!”

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