Sponsor Spotlight: Party Time Rentals

On Saturday, March 2, Voices For Children hosted their 16th Annual Art of Helping Children: Art on the Green Fundraiser. The gala was attended by nearly 350 guests and raised over $78,000

VFC is extremely grateful for its Legacy Sponsor, Party Time Rentals for creating a beautiful atmosphere for our event guests. We had the privilege to sit down with Delores Crum, VFC board member and owner of Party Time Rentals, to discuss their involvement with Voices for Children. When asked about what inspired her support of Voices for Children, this is what Delores had to say,

“I echo the position, espoused by many through the ages, that “the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members” (Mahatma Gandhi). “I’m so grateful I don’t have a personal anecdote to share in this regard, having been treated well throughout my childhood. But my parents were not so fortunate. My mother was treated poorly by her father and my father by his step-father. There was no one to advocate for them and no one to speak out on their behalf. I’m grateful for the wonderful parents they became, and that the cycle of abuse stopped with them.

Apart from the personal meaning this cause has for me, my husband, Richard, and I both worked with the Department of Human Services. Richard was much closer to CPS than I was, and was a Regional Administrator for San Antonio and surrounding counties. We’ve been around the child abuse “problem” all of our professional lives. It hurts my heart to see a child suffer at the hand of one who should love, protect and defend them. If I can make one minuscule contribution that might lessen a child’s suffering and help them find their forever home and family, I’m duty bound to make that effort. I’m honored to serve VFC and humbled by our hard-working and dedicated staff and the contributions of our selfless volunteers,” said Crum.


Additionally, Delores Crum is a published author. Her new book, Simple Strategies for Successful Livinga “How To” Guide for Getting the Life You’ve Imagined, relates the formula that Delores and her husband have followed to exceed their financial objectives while experiencing great joy in the process. The book is available for purchase on Amazon. Simply enter the name, DELORES CRUM. in your Amazon search bar or click here.