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who We Are:

Legislative Advocacy Teams show legislators which policies need to be established or changed to improve the child welfare system.

Teams are led by volunteer advocates and/or board members, and they work alongside Texas CASA program workers. In fact, Texas CASA is very essential to the teams’ successes. CASA provides team members with the resources they need to really make a difference; For example, they present Legislative Advocacy Teams with relevant policy information and countless opportunities to interact with legislators. (Because of this, the teams are very grateful!)

Once teams are caught up on policies and have established meetings, the real fun begins; They begin fighting improving the system. To do this, teams develop relationships with legislators and submit written and oral testimonies to legislative committee hearings. As a result, legislators realize how vital policy changes are. The state needs to care for children in the best way possible!

Join our team:

Do you want to improve the lives of children and youth in foster care in an impactful and unique way? What are you waiting for? Join Voices For Children’s Legislative Advocacy Team!

Don’t be shy; meet the team July 9th at Downtown Uncorked for a relaxing and informative evening.

Additionally, make sure you sign up for the Child Welfare Primer being held in Austin, Texas, July 26th. Trust us, you will not regret jumping head-first into the action.

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Still unsure if this is right for you? Don’t worry, we understand that you may need time to think before you commit to becoming a part-time superhero. To learn more, please visit the Texas CASA Legislative Advocacy Team page linked below. Furthermore, you can email us at lat@vfcbrazos.org or call the Voices for Children‘s office at (979) 822-9700.

We hope to see you soon!

Legislative Advocacy Teams